Certified Veterinary Technician

Kayleigh has been fear free certified and a member of our FFVCC team since 2020. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician, completing her training and licensing in Cedar Rapids. Her main responsibilities include all things surgery – sending out estimates, checking in and out surgical patients, and going over after care instructions, but also getting your pets ready for surgery, placing them under anesthesia, and monitoring them closely during surgeries to keep them calm, safe, and healthy. She knows way more about anesthetic machines, lab equipment maintenance, and equipment sterilization than any of us would ever care to (I mean – HOW BORING!) and keeps them running smoothly and efficiently. Most importantly, Kayleigh is tall, and therefore a real asset here at FFVCC. There are some really tall shelves in here and it’s so hard to reach stuff!! She comes thru for us every time with an eyeroll and a smile, after she hits her head on something first. When she is not busy at work short-shaming the rest of us, she enjoys building birdhouses for nursing homes, automobile engine repair, mastering the Russian language, and making homemade sausages with exotic meats and fruits.