Getting to Know Kayleigh Webster, Certified Veterinary Technician

New Title

During a typical workday, Kayleigh spends most of her time with all things surgery and maintenance. She checks in surgical patients, gets them ready for their procedure, monitors their anesthesia, and keeps an eye on them post-op. When it is time, she gets the pleasure of sending them home to their families.

Animals and the Veterinary Dream

Kayleigh grew up with pets all her life. When her dog had foreign body surgery while she was in high school, seeing how the vet clinic cared for and helped her dog made her want to become a technician. We at Furever Family are grateful to that vet clinic; because of them and Kayleigh’s dedication, we are lucky to have her a part of our team today!

Kayleigh’s home is kept busy by her seven pets. Currently, she has two dogs, Maggie Roo (terrier mix) and Fredward Boogers (chiweenie), a kitten named Ted, two rats named Ophelia and Penelope, a dwarf hamster named Howie, and a betta fish named Delia.

If Kayleigh Could Have Three Wishes:

  1. That dogs would live forever – having to say goodbye is never easy.
  2. To travel to all 50 states. Every state has something unique to offer, and she wants to see them all.
  3. A massive piece of land to rescue all animals.

Kayleigh Locally

Kayleigh has lived in the Quad Cities for a little over a year. She moved from Cedar Rapids, but grew up in Florida.

Kayleigh and her husband spend most of their free time indoors. They play a lot of video games, and Kayleigh loves creating art and doing crafts.

Fun Facts

● She has dyed her hair every color possible.

● Her favorite thing about the QC area is Sonic.

● Kayleigh’s favorite medium for art is acrylic paint.

Thank you for getting to know Kayleigh Webster, and be sure to learn more about Furever Family in future posts!

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