Parasite Prevention in East Moline, IL

Who wants to worry about parasites?

There are lots of creepy, crawly critters interested in your four-legged family member - even indoor pets are prone to fleas, ticks, Lyme disease, heartworm and more.

Fleas and ticks are not only gross, but they can carry life-threatening diseases.

Heartworms are carried by mosquitos, can grow up to a foot long, and clog up your dog's heart and lungs. It is prevalent in our geographic area, and deadly. Heartworm disease can be treated, but the treatment is costly, and requires multiple sedations, injections, and exercise restriction for MONTHS . 

Preventing these parasites and disease is SO MUCH EASIER, CHEAPER, AND HEALTHIER than treating after your pet is already infected. 

pet parasite prevention east moline, il

Therefore, we absolutely recommend all of our canine patients to be on year round heartworm prevention, and flea and tick prevention. There are 2 ways to manage this as a pet owner:

If you prefer the "easy" way, where you only have to think about prevention 4 times a year, we recommend getting the ProHeart 12 injection, which supplies an entire year of heartworm prevention and protection, and then giving a Bravecto Plus chewable every 3 months to prevent and protect against fleas and ticks. They're protected for an entire year, with you only "remembering" to give it 4 times.

Some of you prefer to tackle preventatives month-by-month, and prefer the monthly, all-in-one preventative plan. For you, we recommend Simparica Trio monthly chewable

We never recommend online pharmacies to get these products, as counterfeit products are definitely out there, not effective, and not safe. These are prescription products, so legally, we need to have seen your pet for an exam within the year of getting the medication, and we need a current negative heartworm blood test on file before heartworm prevention can be scripted out. 

Lots of details, we know, and there are other options out there for your dog if you prefer. Call us! We can help you make an informed decision on your pet care and preventatives. 

For our Feline Friends, we recommend topical Bravecto Plus every 3 months. It's safe for all - from small kittens, to pregnant and nursing momma cats.