Cat & Dog Vaccinations in East Moline, IL

cat and dog vaccinations in east moline, il

Vaccinating your pet protects everyone, including the other members of your family. There are some vaccinations that are given shortly after birth (learn more about vaccinations for puppies and kittens) and others are distributed every year to keep your pet protected and safe.

At Furever Family Veterinary Care Center, we break vaccines into two categories; core vaccines and lifestyle vaccines.  Check out our vaccine knowledge base —

Can pets have negative reactions to the vaccines?

On rare occasions, some animals may react to a vaccine. This could cause a low-grade fever or muscle aches. It is more common in young and toy breed dogs and may manifest as a decrease in appetite or increased sleepiness for a day or two. Some components that may produce a strong reaction can be left out of future vaccines. If your pet has had a vaccine reaction in the past, don’t skip future vaccinations but do discuss it with us so that we can prevent a recurrence.

pet vaccinations east moline il