Cat and Dog Diagnostics in East Moline, IL

cat and dog diagnostics east moline il

One of the most important components of a pet’s healthcare is the comprehensive physical exam. However, we often recommend laboratory diagnostic testing as well during these same visits to check the things that the naked eye or handheld device can’t. For your convenience, Furever Family Veterinary Care Center is equipped with an in-house laboratory that allows us to perform a wide range of tests.

In some cases, we can get test results back the same day. Our hope, of course, is for every test to come back negative and detect no abnormalities. However, for the positive results, we can recommend treatment, perform more advanced diagnostic testing, and/or refer you to a board-certified veterinarian.

In-House Veterinary Diagnostic Services

The following is a list of diagnostic services that we provide for dogs and cats:

  • Blood testing (CBC and chemistry): Conducting a complete blood count (CBC) and blood chemistry panel gives us insight into your pet’s organ function, hormone function, pre-anesthetic health assessment, electrolyte status, and more.
  • Urine testing (urinalysis): This test allows us to assess the health of your pet’s kidneys and urinary system.
  • Digital radiography (X-rays): X-rays allow us to examine your pet’s musculoskeletal system and produce an immediate digital image.
  • Digital dental radiography: We use dental digital radiography technology to examine your pet’s teeth below the gumline, which is where many oral problems are found.
  • Ultrasonography: Similar to X-rays, this imaging technology allows us to assess your pet’s internal organs in the abdomen and chest. It can also be used to guide biopsies of organs or tumors.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG): This technology allows us to record the electrical activity of your pet’s heart.
  • Fecal testing: Testing a fecal sample allows us to check for intestinal parasites. Be sure to bring a fresh fecal sample on the day of testing.

Some of these tests can be performed the same day as your four-legged friend’s annual exam, but others need to be scheduled in advance. Depending on each pet’s specific case, we offer same-day results for your convenience.