Getting to Know Samantha Baron, Client Care Advisor

What Animals Mean to Samantha

Animals have always been an enormous source of comfort for Samantha.

When she was a year old, she got a west highland white terrier (westie) dog named Dexter. Dexter had a full life of 18 years, so Samantha grew up with her furry friend.

She has had mostly cats since then. Currently, she has Ryli and Cali, who are her whole world.

If Samantha Could Have 3 Wishes

  1. To have the ability to teleport so she could travel the world effortlessly.
  2. To be fluent in all languages for easier communication anywhere in the world.
  3. To live close enough to mountains, so she could hike whenever she wanted.

Local Favorites

Samantha is new to the area; she moved to Clinton from the Chicagoland area in March of 2021. Her favorite part of the Quad-Cities is the abundance of peaceful riverside views. She doesn’t know much about the surroundings, but she loves to explore the city in her spare time, anything from shops to activities!

Other Fun Tidbits

  • Samantha is musically talented and can play a variety of instruments.
  • She can recite the alphabet backward without hesitation.
  • She was in cheer for many years when she was younger.
  • Her stepdaughter is in tumbling now – Samantha loves watching her enjoy the same pastime that she used to.

Thank you for getting to know Samantha Baron, and be sure to learn more about the whole Furever Family team in future posts.

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