Is it Normal for Cats to Hide?

Have you ever wondered why your cat hides in such weird places? Or how come they seem to hide from us all day? The good news is, this is normal feline behavior. Cats hide instinctively. It is natural for them to cozy up in small, dark places.

Should I ever worry about my cat hiding?

Excessive hiding is cause for concern when it interferes with their daily activities. This includes eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom. Additionally, if your cat changes their hiding behavior, or you suspect they are feeling ill, consult your veterinarian .

Why is my cat hiding?

There are many reasons why a cat would hide, depending on personality, time of day/year and their general environment. Reasons for hiding may include:

  • comfort
  • general coping with stress
  • wanting a safe haven
  • getting bullied by another cat or animal
  • wanting to take an uninterrupted nap
  • feeling ill
  • loud noises
  • unfamiliar person around

Where do cats like to hide?

Cats typically hide in small, warm, and dark places. Some examples are drawers, sinks, in closets, under beds, and in boxes. Your cat may have different hiding places for different emotions. They may hide in one place when they want to relax, and another when they are scared. It is important for owners to provide hiding spaces at home and to let their cats have private time. But that doesn’t mean giving them free reign of anything they want! Take a moment to confirm that their hiding spots are safe for them.

How does our Fear Free Clinic keep this in mind?

There are places to hide throughout our clinic because we want your cat to be as comfortable as possible. This is just one example of the many ways we do things differently at Furever Family Veterinary Care Center, the only Fear Free Certified full-service vet clinic in the Quad Cities.

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