What are Lifestyle Vaccines (and Does My Dog Need Them)?

What are lifestyle vaccines (and does my pet need them)?

Lifestyle or “non-core” vaccines are given depending on your pet’s lifestyle. They are recommended for individuals at risk for exposure to specific infectious agents.

Curious which lifestyle vaccines your pet may need? Good news! You are in the right place.

What Are Infectious Agents?

Infectious agents are organisms that are capable of producing infection or infectious disease. They can be transmitted to other animals or people in many different ways, including (but not limited to) contaminated drinking water, direct contact, and bug bites.

Potential exposure and the need for prevention depend on the lifestyle of you and your pets.

Lifestyle Vaccines For Dogs:

● Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease) If your pet has been bitten by a tick in the past or is near known tick habitats often (like wooded areas), a Lyme vaccine is recommended because ticks are known to transmit Lyme disease. Lyme disease signs range from fever and joint pain to kidney failure.

When to vaccinate: Puppies should receive 2 doses. The first at 12 weeks and the second 3-4 weeks later.

If your dog is an adult and has not had their vaccines, they should receive 2 doses at 3-4 week intervals. After that, annual boosters are recommended.

Lifestyle Vaccines For Cats:

● Feline Leukemia This virus weaken the cat’s immune system, which can lead to illness and disease and a shorter lifespan.

When to vaccinate: Two doses are administered at 12 weeks of age and then 3 – 4 weeks later.

Only cats at risk (ones that go outside) should be vaccinated every 2 years after that.

● Feline Chlamydophila and Bordatella: Both are only recommended when the diseases are present in multi-cat environments.

Why Are Lifestyle Vaccines Needed For Your Pet?

Your lifestyle (and that of your pet) plays a crucial role in what risks they are exposed to. Protecting your pet from those risks in their environment can keep them a healthy, happy member of your family for longer.

Is your animal up to date on their lifestyle vaccines? Make an appointment now.

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