Hope Stassen, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Stassen hails from a small town in rural Minnestoa. She completed her undergraduate degree in Animal Science and Animal Ecology at Iowa State University and earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, and became Fear Free Certified from Iowa State as well. Although Furever Family is her first veterinary clinic to work in (joined in 2022), she completed numerous elective rotations in internal medicine and emergency and critical care and has a strong interest in exotic animal medicine. She is passionate about nutrition, preventative care, and ferrets. Her first year with us so far has proven her to be exceptionally intelligent and quick-learning, but extremely kind, big-hearted, and compassionate. When she isn’t buried in paperwork and textbooks, Dr. Stassen enjoys gardening, watching home reno television shows, and quilting for her cats. She is also very proud of the fact that her dog can jump very high.