Office Manager

Marshall is our fearless leader behind the scenes. He joined our practice in 2021 and is, like the rest of the staff, fear free certified. Marshall handles all the office work, human resources, and inventory for the clinic. He seems to have a great time with exciting things like spreadsheets, schedules, paying bills, and participating in management meetings. Very rarely do people think of a veterinary practice as a business, but it certainly is, and he runs it well. Prior to his career in vet med, he was an accomplished tattoo artist. His life goal is to be surrounded by strong, intelligent beautiful women and he has accomplished that by 1 – working at FFVCC 😉 and 2 – creating a home with an amazing wife and daughters. When he’s not pushing papers and putting out fires, he enjoys geocaching, welding, collecting 1980’s plush figurines, and is on a nationally-ranked bags team.