Reopening Our Offices So Owners Can Accompany Their Pets at the Vet Again

Here are the details for our plan to reopen

Updated on 8/18/2021 to reflect updated policies per CDC guidelines.

No doubt by now you have seen or heard that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a statement on May 16, 2021 that recommends those who are fully vaccinated can begin resuming normal activities.

Here at Furever Family Veterinary Care Center, that meant it was time to start discussing how we can begin reopening our offices so owners can accompany their pets into appointments again. We are very excited to begin welcoming you back into the office.

Our plan for reopening is still being shaped, but we have some initial information to provide you now so you have as much time to plan as possible with this FAQ list:

When can I start accompanying my pet into the facility again? Offices are open as of July 4.

Am I required to come in now? We understand that some clients may not feel comfortable coming into the facility yet, so for that reason we are planning to continue offering curbside for now.

What about masks? Our staff is following the recommendations of the CDC that everyone is required to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccine status. We ask the same of our clients, to wear a mask inside the building at all times.

Where can I get updates? We will be posting updates here on the blog, via our Facebook page , and by occasional all-client emails.

Got other questions or concerns? Please call (309) 281-7026 during business hours and our staff will be happy to help.

We look forward to seeing you again! If you don’t already have an appointment, schedule one here so you are on the schedule as things open up again.

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