What Does it Mean if a Veterinarian is Fear Free Certified?

It is no secret that many animals are not thrilled to go to the vet. That is why we became Fear Free Certified : to help dogs and cats (and their owners) in the Quad-Cities to feel comfortable and confident in coming to the veterinarian.

We strive to make all experiences with us as easy as they can be for you and your four-legged family members. Fear Free Certification means we have committed to mitigate, as much as possible, the anxiety, trauma and stress dogs and cats can face going to the veterinarian.

Is there special training required?

Yes. Our delivery of treatment and how we interact with you and your pet is directly driven and informed by our Fear Free training. Our veterinary team has thorough knowledge of methods and practices that minimize the uneasy feelings your pets may experience at home, during transport, and at the veterinary hospital. We care deeply about the mental well-being of all pets, and their quality of life, because they deserve it!

What about the space?

In addition to our specialized training, our practice was deliberately designed with Fear Free in mind. We have reduced stress triggers in our reception and waiting area, exam rooms, and in-hospital care. One example is that our walls are pastel colored because studies have shown they can provide a calming effect on animals.

My cat gets anxious around dogs (or dog gets excited around cats), are there any options for us?

No need to worry! We have separate dog and cat waiting areas. Pheromone diffusers are used in all our rooms and waiting areas to give a calming effect. We also provide a pheromone-sprayed bandana for your dog, and a sprayed towel for your cat. Many kinds of treats are provided to help encourage your pets at different times of their visit. If your pet has a favorite toy or treats, you are welcome to bring them with you so they are as comfortable as possible.

What about the procedures?

We treat your pets like family and do not want them to associate our site, or us, with a bad and painful experience. We always shy away from force, especially during blood draws and vaccines. Instead, we use positive reinforcement and distractions. Our team also uses new, small, sharp needles and different pain alleviators to help ease the process.

What else do you do to make dogs comfortable?

We have specific features to help eliminate as much stress as we can for dogs. Bare floors can be slippery and scary, so we have rugs that provide traction for your furry friend. Medium- to large-sized dogs have their exam done on the floor, which takes away the stress of getting up on an exam table.

What about making cats comfortable?

With cats in mind, we also have many added features to better their visit. Floors can be smelly and scary for them, so we provide elevated areas to put your cat carrier. Their exams take place on a heated, padded surface, not stainless steel which is cold and slippery. There are hiding places during exams and hospitalization because cats hide as a coping tool for when they are stressed.

These are just a few examples of how we do things differently at Furever Family Veterinary Care Center – and we are the only Fear Free Certified full-service vet clinic in the Quad Cities.

Ready to try us out with your dog or cat? Schedule an appointment today.

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