What is Considered a Pet Emergency?


It’s 9:27pm and your pet starts throwing up out of nowhere. You go to our website and request an appointment for the next morning, but can’t help that nagging feeling in your gut–is something more serious going on? Your mind starts racing with questions and concerns for your furry family member: What is considered a…

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Do I need to spay or neuter my pet?


If you have a new furry family member, or even if you have had your pet for a while and are unsure if to spay or neuter is the necessary or the best opinion – this post is for you. It will explain the importance and urgency of this standard procedure. Why Should I Spay…

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Why Do I Need to Take My Cat For Dental Check-Ups?


Oral health issues in cats can cause them pain and discomfort, as well as causing permanent health consequences. Even if your cat doesn’t make it obvious that their mouth hurts, it doesn’t mean they are not experiencing pain. As dental problems progress over time, cats often learn and adapt to live with the pain. Because…

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Can Cats Be Treated for Heartworms?

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Currently, there is no drug approved for treating heartworms in cats. If you have a cat and want to know the specifics of heartworm disease and your feline family member, this blog is for you. Diagnosis More than one test is required to confirm heartworm disease because no one consistent test works every time. We…

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Getting to Know Samantha Baron, Client Care Advisor

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What Animals Mean to Samantha Animals have always been an enormous source of comfort for Samantha. When she was a year old, she got a west highland white terrier (westie) dog named Dexter. Dexter had a full life of 18 years, so Samantha grew up with her furry friend. She has had mostly cats since…

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Why Do Vets Want a Stool Sample?

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Sometimes, animals are sick even if they don’t show any symptoms. And, because they can’t explain to us that something hurts or feels weird, we need another way to catch potential issues as early as possible. One way we do this is with a routine f ecal e xam . What is it, and why…

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Why Slippery Floors are Bad for Dogs

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Do you have hardwood, tile, or other slick floors and a dog? Many indoor hard surfaces are slick for your furry family members. You may have noticed them sliding when getting excited or running around. Even though it can be cute to see them gliding on the floor, these slips and falls could result in…

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Should I Let My Dog or Cat Sleep in My Bed?

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While furry family members are one of the best snuggle companions, they can also bring fleas and ticks into your bed. In fact, everything from the day that has been picked up by their paws or fur could get tracked into your bed. And, yes, this even means poop. (eew) Schedule an appointment today to…

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Getting to Know Celeste Johnson, Patient Care Advisor


Random Facts Favorite Condiment: ketchup If Given Only 1 Food to Eat Forever: pizza Favorite Beverage: Ace Pear Cider Spirit Animal: raccoon Super Talented She wanted to be an artist when she was younger; a passion she still fuels to this day by painting in her spare time. But that’s not all! Another of her…

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What Blood Work Testing Happens at the Vet?

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Just like humans need an annual physical, your pet should go to the vet once a year to ensure they are in good health. One of the many things we do during the diagnostic phase at the Annual Wellness Exam is bloodwork. It is a critical piece of the puzzle when looking at your pet’s…

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