Disaster Preparation Tips for Pet Owners

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Are you prepared for when disaster strikes? What about your furry friends? Pets are just as vulnerable in a natural disaster as humans and need just as much preparation. Follow these tips to ensure your pet is safe and secure during a natural disaster. Keep up-to-date with your pet’s parasite-preventative medication Parasites thrive in warm,…

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Benefits of Parasite Prevention for Your Pet

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Like most pet owners, you want to do everything you can to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. And while there are many things you can do to protect your pet, one of the most important is making sure they’re on a regular parasite prevention program. Here are just a few of the benefits…

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Training Your Pet


our expert staff right away. We want to be sure that we are able to catch any medical issues that may interfere with successful integration into your home. Welcoming a furry addition into your home is such an exciting time, and training your new pet is a key component of their care. By understanding the…

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Summer Pet Safety


It’s hot! What can you do to make summer comfortable and safe for your pet? Provide lots of fresh water . Make sure it’s in a container that can’t be overturned on accident and that there is enough to last all day. In addition, if you use a zip line or some other type of…

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Overweight pet?


Overweight pet? The reasons your pet isn’t losing weight For pets and people alike, it is easier to keep weight off than to lose it. An overweight pet with even a few extra pounds can experience consequences for their long-term health and wellness. Weight-loss diets can be difficult to maintain – especially once behavioral patterns…

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Plan a pet-safe landscape


Plan a pet-safe landscape to prevent pet poisoning this spring Spring is here! This can be a stressful time for pet owners. Parasite prevention, microchipping, and vaccination might come to mind, but among the threats to pet health and safety are the plants that make spring and summer so delightful. Undoubtedly, pet poisoning is a…

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What are Lifestyle Vaccines (and Does My Dog Need Them)?


What are lifestyle vaccines (and does my pet need them)? Lifestyle or “non-core” vaccines are given depending on your pet’s lifestyle. They are recommended for individuals at risk for exposure to specific infectious agents. Curious which lifestyle vaccines your pet may need? Good news! You are in the right place. What Are Infectious Agents? Infectious…

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What Happens at a Dental Exam?


What happens at a dental exam? You may have heard before that pets need to go to the dentist just as often as humans do. Is this true? In short, yes! Proper preventative steps for your pet include comprehensive dental care and dental exams every 6-12 months. Want to learn more about what happens during…

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What Happens When a Pet is in Surgery?


What happens when my pet is in surgery? Surgery can be a necessary part of providing the best life for your pet. We know that having any member of your family in surgery can be scary, which is why we are here for you and wanting to provide additional information to hopefully make it a…

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Getting to Know Kayleigh Webster, Certified Veterinary Technician

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New Title During a typical workday, Kayleigh spends most of her time with all things surgery and maintenance. She checks in surgical patients, gets them ready for their procedure, monitors their anesthesia, and keeps an eye on them post-op. When it is time, she gets the pleasure of sending them home to their families. Animals…

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